The past two weeks have been rather simple, just catching up on the remaining updates from release monitoring, and also those that monitoring missed. I’m also working through some build/test failures for various reasons.

Most failures are around the Python 3.8 rebuild. Generally, upstreams are aware of the problems, or I could have reported a bug about it. So fixing these involve backporting fixes that are to be in the next releases. For xtl, I’ve un-retired the package, and disabled the failing arches. I’ve given up on hoping someone might figure out the gcc issue, so I’m just leaving the arch-specific bugs (RHBZ#1745840, RHBZ#1745841) as they are.

I adopted a few R packages that were given up by another packager: R-RUnit, R-XML, R-caTools, R-timeDate, and R-xtable.

I’m also a bit late in updating git-lfs, but I ran into a test deadlock bug. Upstream put together a fix pretty quickly, so it’s in testing now. I also took advantage of upstream’s new vendor customization to add a release string to the version information:

$ git lfs version
git-lfs/2.8.0 (Fedora 32; linux amd64; go 1.13rc1)

Updated packages

Unfortunately, I messed up the release numbers a bit between Fedora releases (as you can see the duplicates in the table below), but that should get cleaned up in the next upstream version of the affected packages.

Package Version Notes
R-V8 2.3-1
R-chron 2.3.54-1
R-curl 4.0-1
R-dbplyr 1.4.2-1
R-dplyr 0.8.3-1
R-gargle 0.3.1-1 F31 and higher only
R-ggplot2 3.2.1-1
R-gmailr 1.0.0-1 Breaking changes; F31 and higher
R-hms 0.5.1-1 F31 and higher only
R-lifecycle 0.1.0-1 F31 and higher only
R-pkgbuild 1.0.5-1
R-progress 1.2.2-1
R-rematch2 2.1.0-1
R-rmarkdown 1.15-1
R-rsconnect 0.8.15-1
R-sys 3.3-1 F31 and higher only
R-tinytest 1.0.0-1
R-usethis 1.5.1-1
R-webutils 1.0-1
R-xfun 0.9-1
git-lfs 2.8.0-2 F30 and below
git-lfs 2.8.0-4 F31 and higher
golang-github-dlclark-regexp2 1.2.0-1
golang-github-gdamore-tcell 1.2.0-1
golang-github-git-lfs-gitobj 1.4.0-1
golang-github-git-lfs-ntlm 0-0.1.20190827gitc5056e7
golang-github-jdkato-prose 1.1.1-1
golang-github-mattn-shellwords 1.0.6-1
golang-github-spf13-cobra 0.0.5-1
golang-github-stretchr-testify 1.4.0-1
golang-github-tdewolff-minify 2.5.1-1 F30 and below
golang-github-tdewolff-minify 2.5.1-3 F31 and above
golang-github-tdewolff-parse 2.3.8-1 F30 and below
golang-github-tdewolff-parse 2.3.8-3 F31 and above
golang-github-tdewolff-parse 2.3.9-1 F30 and below
golang-github-tdewolff-parse 2.3.9-3 F31 and higher
golang-github-tdewolff-test 1.0.3-1
golang-x-text 0.3.2-5
ocrmypdf 9.0.1-1 Breaking changes; F31+ only
paperwork 1.3.0-1
python-geomet 0.2.1-1
python-geopandas 0.5.1-1
python-geopandas 0.6.0-0.1.rc1 Rawhide only, for testing
python-glad 0.1.33-1
python-paperwork-backend 1.3.0-1
python-pikepdf 1.6.1-1 No Rawhide due to broken pybind11
python-pikepdf 1.6.2-1 No Rawhide due to broken pybind11
python-rasterio 1.0.25-1
python-rasterio 1.0.26-1 Also disables a flaky test
python-ruffus 2.8.3-1
python-snuggs 1.4.6-3 Fix FTBFS with pyparsing 2.4
python-tblib 1.4.0-4 Fix FTBFS with Python 3.8
xtl 0.6.5-1

New packages

There are only a couple of new ones, to be used by the new R-gmailr update. Since that update contains breaking changes, these packages are only going in Fedora 31, unless something else happens to need it.

  • R-gargle — Utilities for Working with Google APIs
  • R-lifecycle — Manage the Life Cycle of your Package Functions


Catching up on some Go reviews now that mock is working again.