It’s been a couple of weeks, so it’s time for another Fedora packaging update. There were two major things over that time: 1) Fedora 31 was branched from Rawhide, and 2) release monitoring started working again.

The branch point also meant that the Change Code Complete deadline was passed. As part of the Go SIG, I was one of the packagers behind the Adopt new Go Packaging Guidelines Change. As mentioned in the last post, this was mostly handled by @eclipseo and the tracker bug was marked complete for it just earlier. I am also behind the Automatic R runtime dependencies Change. As part of this Change, I initiated a mini-rebuild last week of all affected R packages. I will write about that in a separate post. That tracker bug is now Code Complete, though there are a couple FTBFS to fix up.

With release monitoring working again, that meant a slew of new bug reports about new package versions being available. This happened just last Friday, so I haven’t had much chance to update everything. I did manage to go through almost all the R packages, except for a few with new dependencies. I also updated one or two Go and Python packages as well.

I also finally finished the PR updating Matplotlib to 3.1.1. As I didn’t want to have another release miss an update, I opted to skip the failing-on-ppc64le wx test, and opened a bug report so that someone else could investigate. This PR was also open so long, I needed to backport a new NumPy 1.17 fix which wasn’t originally necessary. But Fedora 31 should once again be in sync with Matplotlib (for some time.)

Updated packages

Package Version Notes
R 3.6.0-5 Removes dead macros.R and script (Rawhide/F31 only)
R-IRkernel 1.0.2-1
R-RcppCCTZ 0.2.6-1
R-clipr 0.7.0-1
R-curl 4.0-1 Rawhide only
R-deldir 0.1.23-1
R-doParallel 1.0.15-1
R-foreach 1.4.7-1
R-httr 1.4.1-1
R-iterators 1.0.12-1
R-knitr 1.24-1
R-markdown 1.1-1
R-openssl 1.4.1-1
R-pkgbuild 1.0.4-1
R-plyr 1.8.4-12 Disable extra tests (too flaky)
R-prettydoc 0.3.0-1
R-reprex 0.3.0-3 Fixes tests with pandoc 2.5
R-reticulate 1.13-1
R-rgeos 0.5.1-1
R-rmarkdown 1.14-1
R-systemfit 1.1.22-4 Removes dead macro %_R_make_search_index
R-tikzDevice 0.12.3-1
R-tinytex 0.15-1
R-xml2 1.2.2-1 Rawhide/F31 only
glava 1.6.3-2 Fix FTBFS
golang-github-dlclark-regexp2 1.2.0-1
golang-github-gdamore-tcell 1.2.0-1
golang-github-git-lfs-gitobj 1.4.0-1
golang-github-jdkato-prose 1.1.1-1
golang-github-lucasb-eyer-colorful 1.0.2-1 Added F30/F29
golang-github-mattn-shellwords 1.0.6-1
golang-github-spf31-cobra 0.0.5-1
golang-github-stretchr-testify 1.4.0-1
golang-github-tdewolff-minify 2.5.1-1
golang-github-tdewolff-parse 2.3.8-3
golang-github-tdewolff-test 1.0.3-3
golang-x-text 0.3.2-5
python-matplotlib 3.1.1-1
python-pycountry 19.8.18-1 Rawhide/F31 only
tinygo 0.7.1-1 No Rawhide/F31 yet due to Go 1.13

New packages

There’s not too much here; it’s mostly new dependencies for existing updates.


Unfortunately, mock broke after the Fedora 31 branching, so I haven’t been able to do many reviews, though there are several Go packages requests I’d like to review.