It has been quite a long time since the last post, unfortunately, but I’m not gone yet. I was fairly busy for a couple of weeks, and then taking a little break while waiting for the Fedora 31 Mass Rebuild to finish. But here we go with what’s been taking place.

The major bit of work leading up to the Mass Rebuild was getting all Go packages up do date to the newly approved Guidelines. This involved several refreshes of packages, newly created packages, and other general cleanup, implemented almost entirely by Robert-André Mauchin (eclipseo) for all the Go libraries. Unfortunately, this missed adding Obsoletes to the renamed packages, so I (manually) tracked commit notifications and wrote a script to add these in. There were nearly 200 of these, which is too many to list here, but you can find them on datagrepper.

I also tried to finish up some of this work by updating the applications as well. I believe all of mine are ready, plus several others, but there are still many more to go that are not part of the Go SIG or have strong vendoring that makes it difficult to unbundle and build against our packages.

The other thing I tried to finish before the Mass Rebuild was getting any FTBFS packages working again. This meant fixing tests for various updated packages, e.g., asv against latest Chrome, python-octave-kernel against Octave 5, and R-sysfonts for new Liberation font paths. As part of RHBZ#1570421, I wrote a few patches too remove the use of, which is deprecated upstream and now provided by the Go standard library.

Otherwise, updates were fairly light. I’m pretty sure release monitoring is broken though, so I’ll need to do some manual checks again. I did take a slight break while waiting for the Mass Rebuild to finish as well. So soon I’ll get back on things, but it’s been rather relaxing otherwise.

Updated packages

Package Version Notes
R-callr 3.3.0-1
R-callr 3.3.1-1 Second update
R-coda 0.19.3-1
R-deldir 0.1.22-1
R-ellipsis Rawhide only
R-future 1.14.0-1
R-git2r 0.26.1-1
R-haven 2.1.1-1
R-hms 0.5.0-1 Rawhide only
R-pillar 1.4.2-1 Rawhide only
R-processx 3.4.0-1
R-processx 3.4.1-1 Second update
R-remotes 2.1.0-1
R-rlang 0.4.0-1
R-sysfonts 0.8-2 Update Liberation font paths to new locations (Rawhide only)
R-tinytex 0.14-1
R-vctrs 0.2.0-1 Rawhide only
asv 0.4.1-2 Fix tests against latest Chrome webdriver
exercism 3.0.12-1
git-annex 7.20190626-1
git-cinnabar 0.5.2-1
golang-github-alecthomas-kong 0.2.0-1
golang-github-bugsnag 1.5.1-3 Remove deprecated (Rawhide only)
golang-github-bugsnag-panicwrap 1.2.0-4 Remove deprecated (Rawhide only)
golang-github-gdamore-tcell 1.1.4-1 Rawhide only
golang-k8s-kubernetes ? Remove deprecated (Rawhide only)
golang-rsc-qr 0.2.0-1
ocrmypdf 8.3.2-1
python-dask 2.1.0-1 Rawhide only
python-glad 0.1.31-1
python-libpysal 4.1.0-1
python-numcodecs 0.6.3-3
python-octave-kernel 0.31.0-2 Fix tests with Octave 5 (Rawhide only)
python-partd 1.0.0-1
python-pikepdf 1.5.0-1
python-xarray 0.12.3-1
python-zict 1.0.0-1
tinygo 0.7.0-1 Second update (see below)

New packages

There are two new interesting applications that have finally been built:

  • tinygo — The Go compiler for small places
  • htmltest — Test generated HTML for problems

and the libraries to support them, which were mentioned in earlier posts.

Package Version Notes
tinygo 0.6.0-1
htmltest 0.10.3-1 Rawhide only
golang-github-daviddengcn-algs 0-0.1.20190610gitfe23fab Rawhide only
golang-github-daviddengcn-assert 0-0.1.20190610gitba7e68a Rawhide only
golang-github-daviddengcn-villa 0-0.1.20190610git3f35da8 Rawhide only
golang-github-golangplus-bytes 0-0.1.20190610git45c989f Rawhide only
golang-github-golangplus-fmt 0-0.1.20190609git2a5d6d7 Rawhide only
golang-github-golangplus-sort 0-0.1.20190610git8253da0 Rawhide only
golang-github-golangplus-testing 0-0.1.20190609gitaf21d9c Rawhide only
golang-gopkg-seborama-govcr-2 2.4.2-1 Rawhide only
golang-rsc-qr 0.2.0-1