Oops, again a bit late, but the past two weekends were fairly busy. I decided to post this today so that it wouldn’t slip another full week. So this probably looks a bit larger than usual, but I hope I didn’t miss anything. Two weeks ago was rather busy with many updates. Not just new releases, but I also spent a little time going over old updates that I’ve missed and ignored due to missing dependencies. Some of these dependencies could be skipped, so I did in order to get the update in.

Last week was a bit calmer with the updates. Instead, I spent the past week preparing several new Go packages that are dependencies for htmltest, an interesting tool for testing HTML files. I’m hoping these will get some reviews soon.

Last week was also spent trying to figure out several upstream bugs. Pillow has been having issues on s390x. This turned out to be a bug in the types passed via varargs between Python and C code. Because of disagreement on argument size, this generally ends up being problematic on big-endian systems. I’m still waiting for the upstream PR to be accepted, but we’ve used the patch and been able to rebuild several other dependent packages with it now applied.

With python-zarr, I’ve been running into failures with LMDB on 32-bit systems. This is generally annoying since it requires rebuilds whenever it got built on one of those systems. Basically, the LMDB store opens a very large file mapping and even though there’s enough RAM to do so, it fails. Thanks to some discussion on the devel mailing list I was pointed in the right direction to fix it. The tests rely on old store being garbage collected, and so a lot of old LMDB mappings are still around causing later ones to fail. I’ve opened a pull request upstream to explicitly close these stores, which reduces the overall memory requirement and fixes the tests.

I’ve backported numpydoc 0.9 fixes for python-pandas, but waiting on the maintainer to merge that one. Even though the pandas package does not build docs, it has knock-on effects to any packages that use it.

Updated packages

I’ve finished work on updating python-matplotlib to 3.1.0, but there are some issues in dependencies that prevent building it.

For R-rmarkdown, I’ve tried to improve some bits of the unbundling. I’ve switched to using %autosetup -S git instead of manually deleting bundled items and started re-minifying the CSS to make it simpler to patch.

Also, somewhat trivial, but I added gcc-c++ to the Requires of the Go devel packages that need it, instead of leaving it to the final leaf package to include it. This just makes using them a little bit less annoying.

R-rmarkdown1.13-2Fixups noted above
R-stringdist0.9.5.2-1Needed new R-tinytest
R-tibble2.1.3-1(Second bug fix)
golang-github-wellington-libsass0.9.2-3Add gcc-c++ Requires
golang-tinygo-x-llvm0-0.3.20190604git0713e35Add gcc-c++ Requires
ocrmypdf8.3.0-1Needed pillow fix
python-cartopy0.17.0-5Fix build with FreeType 2.10 in Rawhide
python-pikepdf1.3.0-1Needed pillow fix
python-pykdtree1.3.1-3Re-cythonize sources from @cstratak
python-zarr2.3.2-2Fix LMDB test issues on 32-bit systems

New packages

There are some new packages for R and Python dependencies:

  • R-shiny — Web Application Framework for R
  • R-rsvg — Render SVG Images into PDF, PNG, PostScript, or Bitmap Arrays
  • R-miniUI — Shiny UI Widgets for Small Screens
  • R-styler — Non-Invasive Pretty Printing of R Code
  • libinsane — Cross-platform access to image scanners
  • R-tinytest — Lightweight but Feature Complete Unit Testing Framework

For the Go macros, I’ve finally finished up golist 0.10.0 and built a package for it. This release fixes several issues we’ve had with it supporting all the things we need to get the macros working. Hopefully we can move forward with the rebuild against the new macros soon.

  • golist — A tool to analyse the properties of a Go (Golang) codebase

And here are the new ones for htmltest:

These new packages mentioned here and in the last post were imported and built (some only in Rawhide):

R-foghorn1.1.0-1Rawhide only
R-gh1.0.1-1Rawhide only
R-miniUI0.1.1.1-1Rawhide and 30 only
R-rsvg1.3-1Rawhide and 30 only
R-shiny1.3.2-1Rawhide and 30 only
golist0.10.0-1Rawhide only for now


I started reviewing this one, but as it was a bit flaky, the packager decided to hold off on completing it:

This one mentioned last week is approved now:

  • ensmallen — header-only C++ library for efficient mathematical optimization